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#201, Studio Apartment in Super Sweet SoMa Spot with Natural Light!

#201, Studio Apartment in Super Sweet SoMa Spot with Natural Light!

#118, Studio Apartment in Super Sweet SoMa Spot!

#118, Studio Apartment in Super Sweet SoMa Spot!

Transit Center Grand Opening Party / Salesforce Neighborhood Block Party

PARTY!!! I don’t know how many of you are affected by this, but I do know: 1). Parties are fun. (Yes, even corporate shindigs can be a hoot.) 2). That part of this section of SF was rechristened The  East Cut last year? That’s what those “Woolly Mammoths Lived Here” and “Gold Rushers Settled Here” […]

Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAde aka Commute Nightmare

Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAAde

Super Bowl Traffic Snarl

Dear Tenants, guests, applicants, random qweirdos stumbling across this blog; As I’m sure some but not all of you are aware, our already bustling commute and navigation around the City is about to get worse. A LOT worse. Some details from the SFMTA are here, and there are more here and here. In short, avoid […]

4th & King Construction November 2015

Tenants, guests, random qweirdos! If possible, it would be wise to avoid 4th and King St from around 10:00 p.m. on Friday, November 6th thru Saturday, November 14th at midnight, due to major construction. Not only that, but MUNI will be “affected citywide”. Details here.