Beastie Boys De La Soul (mild NSFW) Dearest Tenant(s), Tenant’s-to-be, Guests, Randos; Greetings and salutations one and all, this is Maximilian Hoffman, the Property Manager of 574 3rd St. – Central Apartments here with a heads up message regarding my vacation, our office hours while I am away, contact information while I am gone, and […]

Upcoming Studio in Sweet SoMa Spot!

(well) under 3k 1-bedroom in SoMa/South Beach?!?


Best Things in Life are Free

“The median cost of a home here is now a staggering $500,000, twice the national cost.”

Upcoming Stud(io) for Rent on SoMa/South Beach Border

Upcoming hours and availability around July 4th, 2017

Upcoming Studio Apartment in Sweet SoMa/South Beach Spot!