Upcoming One-Bedroom Apartments Near South Park

Rent Ready Top-Floor Studio Apartment in SoMa


420 Hippie Hill While dope smoking is still VERBOTEN in public*, I reckon this year’s 420 Celebration at Hippie Hill will, for most of the day, look from above like a fog machine fight. I am curious as to what, if any, changes are in store for this year’s celebration, what with weed being legalized […]

h/t SFSTATION Spring has sprung and if you want to go outside and have some fun on the cheap, that link to SF Station will come in super-duper handy. From Cherry Blossoms (this and next weekend) to Santa Con in December, that is a pretty darn solid list of free things to do in this […]

Upcoming top-floor one-bedroom apartment in superb SoMa spot!

Outside Lands 2018!

Quiet top-floor studio with hardwoood floors in superb SoMa Spot!