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Fall Move-In Specials!

North Bay Fire: How to Help

Upcoming Studio Apartments For Rent in SoMa/South Beach

h/t Hoodline. Stay safe, stay indoors, stay alive.

Cover Photo courtesy Ian Sane @ The Photo Argus Any discussion of activities this weekend would be pointless without the leather enthusiasts at the Folsom Street Fair, which as a resident of San Francisco you are obligated to attend at least once in your time living in the City. Also on Sunday, if you haven’t […]

h/t SF Gate. Cover image courtesy of http://landlordwatch.blogspot.com/ You don’t ever want to have the words “squalid” and “firetrap” anywhere near each other, especially when those words are used to describe the conditions of your business and rental property. Words cannot describe how much I utterly despise owners/landlords/Property MGMT types like this. They do a […]