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Upcoming Remodeled Top-Floor One-Bedroom!

ETA: Rented! No longer available! Top-Floor? ✔ Hardwood Floors? ✔ Rent Control? ✔

Upcoming one-bedroom w/hardwood floors in SoMa


Quiet top-floor studio with hardwoood floors in superb SoMa Spot!

3rd St. Facade: Day 4: The Peel Sessions, Vol. I

Peely peel peel. Unrelated, but I still miss John Peel : (

3rd St. Facade: Day 3: The Scrapening

Hard to tell via these pictures, but some of the peeled paint has been scraped off parts of the façade facing 3rd st. in preparation for the upcoming repaint.

Facade Day 2: The Scaffolding


` “Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy!” FINALLY, 3 years, 6 months, 26 days after I was hired, 3 years 6 months, 26 days after I was vaguely promised the façade of Central Apartments facing 3rd St. would be painted, FINALLY, the work has begun.