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Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAde aka Commute Nightmare

Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAAde

Pedestrian at Worst: “The top neighborhood for accidents is SoMa”

The top neighborhood for accidents is SoMa

North Bay Fire: Ways to Assist

North Bay Fire: How to Help

PSA: Where to Purchase N95 Respirator Masks

h/t Hoodline. Stay safe, stay indoors, stay alive.

Not-so-random ephemera for tenants

Tenant ephemera

Bicyclist? Do you bike thru SoMa? This is a MUST read!

SoMa Bicycle Planning

Yes, drivers ARE getting worse in The City

Unsafe at any speed.

“None of you are nothing to me.”

More of this.

Super Bowl Traffic Snarl

Dear Tenants, guests, applicants, random qweirdos stumbling across this blog; As I’m sure some but not all of you are aware, our already bustling commute and navigation around the City is about to get worse. A LOT worse. Some details from the SFMTA are here, and there are more here and here. In short, avoid […]

Victory Parade / All Hallows’ Eve

Tenants and guests of Central Apartments! As you are probably aware, today is October 31st, All Hallows’ Eve (or Halloween to you portmanteau types)*. And TPTB decided to schedule the Giants victory parade today. While I took a bus into work to avoid the catastrophe of riding BART this morning (in 2012, the trains were like […]