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Top-Floor? ✔ Hardwood Floors? ✔ Two Bedrooms? You better believe that’s a ✔

Remodeled Top-Floor Two-Bedroom Apartment in Spiffy SoMa Spot!

No USPS Deliveries, Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

No “regular” mail deliveries, Wed, 12/05/2018

Top-floor. Hardwood floors.Walk-in closet. All. Utilities. Included.

Upcoming top-floor studio with hardwood floors and all utilities included.

Rent Ready Junior One-Bedroom in Sweet SoMa Spot!

Rent ready Junior One-Bedroom in Sweet SoMa Spot!


ETA – This apartment has been rented and is no longer available      Originally constructed as a hotel back in 1907, 574 3rd St. – Central Apartments is not only looking great for being 111 years young, but we get to holla “FIRST!” what with being in this particular area of SoMa well before […]

ETA: Rented!

Upcoming Superfly Jr. One Bedroom


Upcoming Remodeled Top-Floor One-Bedroom!


Upcoming Top-Floor Corner Studio w/View, Rent Control, Walk-in Closet, Pantry

ETA: Rented? ✔

Upcoming Studio Apartment That Checks Your Renting Boxes

Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAde aka Commute Nightmare

Warriors, Come out and ParAAAAAAde