The 3 Pagodas of Hangzhou: You Best Best for Stunning Vistas Through the Smog

See, now *that’s* writing. And, cuz we’re in this here modern age, it’s writing that goes well with the photos.

Wild Flights of Fancy

China is polluted. Everyone knows this, but of course levels of pollution vary from region to region. Last month, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released an updated list of its ten most polluted cities in the country, seven of which are located in the same province. Hebei is located in the north, though, and my family hails from Zhejiang in the south–specifically, the capital city of Hangzhou.

While passing through during the late 13th century, Marco Polo famously proclaimed Hangzhou “the finest, most splendid city in the world.” (My grandpa loves reminding me of this; it’s pretty adorable.) You can’t escape the smog, even if it’s markedly better from what you’d experience up north, but I almost don’t mind. It’s romantic. I get the urge to climb until I see something, anything. I think the three major pagodas of Hangzhou–Baochu Pagoda, Leifeng Pagoda, and Liuhe Pagoda (often called the…

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