Stern Grove 2019 is Slices of Fried Gold Off the Chain

The annual Stern Grove concert series is a MUST DO, a MANDATORY experience you must have at least once if you ever lived or plan to live in SF. I’ve gone to a couple of the concerts a few times over the years, but I think this year is the first time I am going more than once (I would attend more often but it’s a hike-and-a-half from Oakland if you don’t drive).

Check out the depth and range of the acts this year and I am sure you will find a favorite sonic palette of yours amongst the talented musicians. What follows are acts I have seen previously (*), acts I’ve always wanted to see (!), shows I may attend this year (?), and shows I am DEF gonna be blazed out of my gourd at  attending ($). You can find the full schedule here.

June 16th – Digable Planets *? (bet you were expecting “Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That)” but not only is there entire debut album a game-changin’ jazz-funk fest but the whole damn album is fire.

June 30th – Galactic *?

July 14th – Mitski * (I would DEF have gone to catch Mitski up in the Grove but I am going to be back on Strong Island, wildin’ for my (step) Father’s 75th. I wasn’t that enamored by Ms. Mitski live, but it could be due to the fact that I was taken aback that she wasn’t the lead guitar player on her own damn headlining tour. But she’s pretty great! , a slightly less talented and way more emo St. Vincent, but since Annie Clark is a guitar goddess that’s not even damning with faint praise.

July 21st – Toots & The Maytals !$ / Lee Fields and the Expressions *$ (Lee is basically the last soul man standing what with Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley’s deaths. In fact, if you’re a Sharon stan you probably heard Lee’s duet with her on the ballin’ ballad “Stranded in your Love”

August 4th – The Psychedelic Furs *$ – (bet you were expecting “Heartbreak Beat”! Skip to 2’08” for the killer intro)

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