Your SF (baseball) Giants Home Opener

With the Giants (SF baseball version) home opener scheduled for today* at 1:35 pm now’s a good time as any to share this informative piece from Curbed – Oracle Park: The Ultimate Guide.** In the guide, you will learn transportation tips and tricks, the best and easiest spots to enter the park, not-quite-but-still-open secrets of the facilities, where to sit and scads atop scads of more fun, informative details of one of the best ballparks in ‘Murica.

*weather permitting cuz it’s certainly ain’t lookin’ too hot out right now

**How many dang names can a stadium have? This is now the 4th! I know corporations pay a pretty penny for naming rights, but you’re a giant tool if you call it anything other than Giants Stadium.



Giants Schedule

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  1. Updated with the 2019 SF Baseball Giants schedule.


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