Noir City 2k19: Film Noir in the 1950s


(KISS ME DEADLY, an awesome 50’s noir that PULP FICTION totally jacked for the whole “what’s in the suitcase” angle)

Noir City v. 17

One of my favorite film genres, hosted by a noir savant (Eddie Mueller from TCM’s Noir Alley), held in a classic theater (The Castro)…that I cannot go to because the seating in The Castro is, literally, murder for my back. Srsly, I went for a double-bill on my happy-to-escape-The-Moms-womb-day last year and was in agony for 3-hours and for the next couple of days.

But if you’re not 6’4”, 275 lbs, you should be ok. Well, ok enough, my special-lady-friend/hetero life-partner is 5’11”, thin, and she also had a rough go of it both during and after the flicks we caught last year.

While I wouldn’t give up being tall for anything, there are a few drawbacks, and seating at The Castro is DEF one of them.

: (

(PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET, one of Sam Fuller’s best, and if you know Fuller, that’s REALLY saying something. Richard Widmark has never been more baller.)

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