The reviews are in…

While we are loathe to toot our own horn, sometimes you just gotta #humblebrag.


Great googly-moogly

Emails from former and current tenants:
“You have been, hands down, the best building manager I have ever worked with. The saddest part of this move will be leaving you, your cheerful emails, good humor, & impeccable package delivery services behind”

“I’ve never had a better landlord, and the times you went above and beyond, the witticisms in writing, and the genuine respect and concern that you showed were and are truly appreciated.”

“I truly thank you for all that you have done for us over the years that we have lived here. Not only have you always followed up, and made the situation right, but gone the extra mile each time. You don’t always get that from property management, I think the typical experience is more of a cold shoulder.”

“From you first taking a chance on the vagabonds from Boston who did not know which parts of San Francisco were safe and which parts weren’t, to various maintenance issues, to copious colorful and humorous (but informative!) emails, thanks for helping to make our time in the city that much better. We already miss you out here were our not-quite-so-diligent landlord is not so good at communicating with us about when various things can be fixed.”

Shut-up, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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