WKND Events: August 18th – 19th

(image courtesy of Funcheap)
This weekend is chock full ‘o fun, here’s a quick rundown of what’s shakin’ in and around our hood and SF.

20th St. Block Party!

Noise Pop, which also organizes…Noise Pop, is holding the 6th annual 20th St. Block Party today.
Yes, today, and it’s free, Free, FREE! I’ve seen the She’s, The Total Bettys, and earlier this year saw Jeff Rosenstock nearly rip the roof off the Great American Music Hall. (NSFW but 100% awesome.) From their homepage;
“Noise Pop is proud to present the sixth annual 20th Street Block Party to Benefit Mission Language and Vocational School.

The 20th Street corridor will be transformed into a free party to showcase and celebrate a diverse neighborhood that blends modern ideas with community traditions to create a new San Francisco experience. This free, delicious summer feast and dance party will feature some of the City’s best restaurants, local businesses and artisans as well as a variety of indie bands.”

I already posted about tomorrow’s Sunday Streets debut in SoMa, so if you can’t make the block party today or if you need something a bit more relaxing and family friendly, make sure you head on over to any/all of the following spots:
Essex and 2nd Streets, hosted by East Cut CBD
4th Street, hosted by Yerba Buena CBD
6th Street, hosted by SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District
9th and 10th Streets Leather Hub hosted by Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District

Last but hardly least, did you know about the Gigantic 3 Recycling Program? If not, now’s a perfect time, as they are in our district today, at Marina Green East Parking Lot, Marina Boulevard at Webster Street

Music, art, food, culture, green living, a lot of the good things are going down this weekend in your City. Since you pay way too much damn rent why don’t you take advantage of what San Francisco has to offer?


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