Transit Center Grand Opening Party / Salesforce Neighborhood Block Party


I don’t know how many of you are affected by this, but I do know:

1). Parties are fun. (Yes, even corporate shindigs can be a hoot.)
2). That part of this section of SF was rechristened The  East Cut last year? That’s what those “Woolly Mammoths Lived Here” and “Gold Rushers Settled Here” and “Tall Ships Made Land Here” and “Roast Coffee Grew Up Here” signs are all about.
3). The outside sections of the transit center that I have seen walking to/from the Temporary Transbay Center on Howard St. are really photogenic, especially the section just past Kate O’Brien’s Irish Bar and Grill as you can angle yourself and get the new bus overpass, the facade of the Transbay Center, and a couple of tall background buildings.
4). While I am working until 3 pm on Saturday, April 11th, I hope to make it to the end of the festivities.
5). I am fairly sure the walking part of my commute will be shorter and I think my NL AC Transit bus is rolling into the Transbay Center on Monday, August 13th.


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