Horrible Landlords, Case File # 02 (or # 03, but I can’t seem to find that post)

h/t Curbed San Francisco

My not-frequent-enough attempts to share the utter horribleness of SOME landlords and property management groups have been quiet of late, not due to landlords and Prop MGMT  types having suddenly gotten better, but simply because I have been extra-busy recently. (Read part I here.)

But the linked article from CurbedSF that I came across a couple days ago really stood out. For starters, Governor Brown instituted price gouging measures while the wildfires were raging in Sonoma & Napa County. Price-gouging “protections prohibit raising the price of many consumer goods and services, including that of rental housing, by more than 10 percent after an emergency has been declared.”

What really raised my hackles was this quote from the Curbed article.
““one of the more egregious examples of price gouging.” {Redacted, read the article} allegedly asked people to bid against each other with a starting price set at $3,400.”

While it is not, technically, illegal to demand a higher rent than what was originally advertised, to me, it is one of the scummier tactics in the Owner/MNGR playbook. (To say nothing of the practice possibly violating the code of conduct California realtors and Certified Resident Managers are “sworn” to uphold).
To ask renters, some of whom might have lost family members, friends, pets, or their homes and their possessions, to BID AGAINST EACH OTHER is one of the sleaziest things I have come across in all my years in property management.

If proven guilty, those landlords should not only be stripped of their land but should be forced to drag the stone of shame behind them for the rest of their lives.

Stone of Shame

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