First WKND of Fall: To Do, Events, etc.

Cover Photo courtesy Ian Sane @ The Photo Argus

Any discussion of activities this weekend would be pointless without the leather enthusiasts at the Folsom Street Fair, which as a resident of San Francisco you are obligated to attend at least once in your time living in the City.

Also on Sunday, if you haven’t been to Cole Valley, what better time to check out this beautiful San Francisco neighborhood than during their annual Street Fair?

If you haven’t been to Dolores Park…why? If you need an excuse you can always go there tonight to catch THE BREAKFAST CLUB. It’s not quite as #problematic as some of Hughes other films of the 80’s, but some of its messages regarding class sort of hold up if you squint.

Yet another #SundayFunday event, with copious amounts of (German) beer, (German) food, (German) music, and (probably German) dancing can be found at Oktoberfest By the Bay 2k17.

If you haven’t made it to Oakland…good, it’s getting crowded and we are losing our collective patience with San Francisco transplants. But I have made an executive decision to forgive anyone who comes to our awesome Eat Real Festival @ Jack London Square, so if you want to see your property manager in his element, don’t miss your chance.

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