Sunday, June 18th, 2017: Happy Father’s Day!

Or as I like to call it, happy (see below. NSFW/mildly offensive content)*

Yes, I had a complicated relationship with my BF (biological father), why do you ask?

Though I  ♥  my “step-father”, aka, my real father, to pieces.

Here are some links for some supposedly fun things to do with your Father tomorrow. If you’re like me you’re just going to call them and talk sports but bonding is bonding, dammit.

Do the Bay Father’s Day Ideas

Funcheap Links Below (eternal gratitude / ht’s to Funcheap, still the best way to find fun/cheap things to do in SF and the Yay Area).

Alameda County Fair

17 Free Guided Walking Tours

Free Father’s Day @ SF Zoo (bonus world giraffe day!)

Bike Ride & Picnic

Free burgers for Dad @ The Counter!

Great and even good and even ok Dads enjoy your day. The rest of you can {expletive deleted}

*It’s a Dad Joke (approps!) but here goes…Happy Motherf*(k3rs day!

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