Not-so-random ephemera for tenants

Merry weekend all, I hope each and every one of you gets a chance to enjoy the fab weather we are experiencing today.  Of the many reasons I left the wrong aka East Coast was for days like this; 65 degrees, sunny, 60% humidity.
It is currently 80 degrees where I grew up on Strong Island, 64 degrees and raining where I went to College (R.U. rah-rah, R.U. rah-rah!), 85 degrees in the “lesbian capital of the Northeast” where an ex of mine studied @ Smith, and 87 degrees in Charlottesville, VA, where I spent a looong minute. Remember, it’s not just the tech/bio-chem boom that has driven up rents, we live in a truly spectacular environment. There are not many places in the world where you can go skiing and surfing on the same day and where 7.5 months out of the year it’s around 70 degrees and sunny!

Anyhoo, enough of my pointless jibber-jabber, onto building stuff!

The 3rd-floor washers have had their H20 issue resolved. In case you didn’t know/notice, clothes washed on the cold setting WERE coming out hot, as some dang jive-sucker installed the hot/cold water hookups incorrectly, but that issue has been rectified.

Alas, I do not have any good news to report about the status of the 1st & 2nd-floor laundry rooms except this; “the owner” had hired a contractor to finish up the 2nd/1st-floor laundry rooms, and they were supposed to start this past Monday, but they were held up on their last gig and could not start this week. Fingers/toes/eyes/arms/ crossed said contractor will be here on Monday.
As ever, thank you for your patience and understanding regarding the interminable delays in getting all three floors their auxiliary laundry rooms back in action. (Most) of you are the very definition of Platonic tenants, and your collective patience is a constant source of happiness to me.

Now, about the notices on all the entry/exit doors. Those notices and the reason(s) why they were posted require it’s own separate post, but suffice to say, our worst fears WERE NOT realized, and while yes, of course, the sentiments expressed in those notes apply, none of you have anything to fear as the imbroglio has been sorted.
And sorted in a rather amusing, funny, qweird way, which is why that story warrants its own individual post.

Until next time, keep cool but care.

Heads up, I have to leave at about noon – 12:30 pm on Monday, June 12th, 2017, as my accountant wants to meet with me in person. Which, if you’ve dealt with accountants, means some…interesting things will be discussed. I’ll also have my away message set to inform y’all of this fact, as I realize not many people read my blog : (

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