San Francisco Housing: NIMBY’s vs. YIMBY’s

(I am starting new, semi-regular sorta-column related to all things housing in San Francisco (title needs work). I figure that some of you (i.e. tenants, qweirdo’s who read this blog, potential tenants) may be interested in this subject, especially if you are planning or even thinking of planning to buy a home in San Francisco. Plus, since I have to read this stuff to stay atop of San Francisco housing rules & regulations, I figured I may as well share some of the more interesting articles I come across)

For this week’s inaugural column, presented without (much) comment, “YIMBYs: The “Alt-Right” Darlings of the Real Estate Industry” via truthout.

I am sharing this because it’s created quite a bit of controversy since it was unleashed upon the internets last week and because if you are familiar with me at all you know I ♥ acronyms.
Plus, it’s full of juicy smack-talk, name calling, and GTFOOH announcements from all the parties involved.

As usual, very curious as to what you, dear hypothetical reader, thinks about this article, rent control, low-income housing subsidies, and all other housing-related topics.

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