Peregrine Falcons Return to PG&E – Falcon Cam!

Press release!

“For many years, a pair of peregrine falcons has used a ledge on the 33rd floor of PG&E’s office at 77 Beale Street as their nesting spot. And we’re happy to report that the birds are back this year, and that there are three eggs in the nest.”

Falcon cam in full effect. Bawk bawk.

Fingers crossed one of the hatchlings eventually nests at Central Apartments, as birds of prey are the only surefire way I know of that rids properties of pesky pigeons. Speaking of which, anyone know a good falcon wrangler? I’m pretty sure I can get owner to pony up $$ for a falcon as it can’t be any more expensive than constantly having to buy and install pigeon spikes, buy and install grates for the vent shafts, and the cost + time it takes to clean up pigeon poop.




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