Friday, September 18th – Sunday, September 20th : Fun on the Cheap!

Dear All;

Rather than post an individual link to these events on the Twitter, I figured I’d change things up a tad and post a bunch of seemingly fun, relatively cheap things to do in a new Thursday or Friday feature called “Fun on the Cheap!”.* So in no particular order, here are some things I may be doing, and others I would be doing if I wasn’t doing other things.

Oakland’s Eat Real Festival  is something I attend every year, and it has either gotten bigger and better or bigger and more gentrified, depending on my mood. I still have fun, and if you want to see me out and about I’ll definitely be there on Sunday. Maybe on Friday night after my partner gives me a great Pavement song (& color).

I have never been to or even heard of this (the problems of not being an on-site resident manager!), but it sounds like a hoot, at least if you hoot for art and walking. 2 Blocks of Art is right in our ‘burg, and hey, even if it’s not fun at least you can walk/skip/jump right back home.

I was immediately attracted to “COME OUT & PLAY SAN FRANCISCO”** headline, as any good cinephile would be, but not only that, this whole affair seems rather fun. So “WARRIORS, COME OUT AN…”, you know, enough of that dated reference, just, you know, come out and play, maybe?***

Now this “Peace in the Park” thing is not my type of thing at this current date and time, but maybe it’s yours? I’m not one to judge, and if “unplugging and unwinding” is your trip, good for you.

At first I was imagining that this was just Clifford books, and wondering how many of those there actually are, and if you could do an event just based on those (turns out your probably can!), but, for better or worse, the Annual Big Book Sale is not just Clifford books, or just large print books, or just encyclopedias and dictionaries, but it’s a book sale alright. And check out the prices for Sunday!

That’s about all I got for the weekend, but what about you, do you have any event or activity you would like to talk about?

Regardless, have fun, stay safe, and always remember; first pants, THEN shoes.

*Yeah, let’s see how long this lasts.

**Couple things though: for starters, someone would have to be awfully large to play San Francisco. Secondly, it kind of sounds like it could mean one is going to punk San Francisco, which I would be extra-down for.

***First and last “Call Me Maybe” reference I shall ever make.

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