New & Improved Central Apartments: Now featuring Webpass!

Tired of evil ISP conglomerates? Unimpressed with the scant speed offered by said conglomerates? Sick of dealing with the inefficient bureaucracy, the┬ácustomer service runaround, and general ickiness of fat cat corporate hedonism run amok? Here at Central Apartments, we now offer an alternative to the AT&T/Comcast stranglehold on our internet connections in the form ofContinue reading “New & Improved Central Apartments: Now featuring Webpass!”

Upcoming Su-Su-Studios!

Looking to live in a thriving South of Market community that is just across the street from beautiful South Park, a mere two blocks from Caltrain, a three block jaunt from the ballpark, a brisk 15 minute walk from the Powell/Montgomery BART stops, that features oodles of nearby MUNI lines, that’s close to major supermarkets,Continue reading “Upcoming Su-Su-Studios!”