11/20/2014 – PG&E – Scheduled Electrical Interruption


I hope you all received both the Notice and the accompanying “Helpful Hints” from PG&E regarding the scheduled electrical service interruption for tomorrow, Thursday November 20th, from 4:30am – 3:00pm, but if you haven’t, the following is a list of suggestions from PG&E.

1. Yes, our water supply is provided by a pump, so no, we will not have water tomorrow during the interruption. Have bottled water available!

2. If your electronic devices, particularly computers and televisions, are not plugged into surge protectors, you should probably unplug those electronic devices before the service interruption.

3. Keep the doors to your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible to keep food fresh. Your freezer should keep food for up to 24hours, and refrigerated food should stay safe for up to 4hours.

Both the Maintenance staff and I will be here tomorrow, but our Office phone and my computer will be down during the interruption. Should you need us, please come down to the Office.

I’m terribly sorry about this interruption to your normal schedule, and for all of our sakes I hope this interruption doesn’t go longer than scheduled.

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