Blocked Entrances/Exits on Ritch St – What to Do

Dear Tenants,

If you are fed up as I am with clueless, privileged drivers blocking the rear entry/exits* on Ritch St., the following is contact information and procedure for either ticketing or towing the offending vehicles.

Ticketing / Towing – SFMTA: Call (415)-553-1200 – When prompted for a department, press 6. Or you can report the violation online at SF311. When describing where the offending vehicle is located, tell them the building address but then clarify that the car is on the street behind 3rd St, on Ritch St.

I like to have the following information on hand: License – Make – Model – Color – # of Doors.

They will ask if you want to ticket or tow, and it’s entirely up to you. They will need to speak to in person if you opt for towing, but bear in mind it might take MTA some time to get a tow truck out to the building.

*FIRE entry/exits. In fact, when calling or submitting a form online, best to say that it is a Fire Exit that is being blocked.

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