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Victory Parade / All Hallows’ Eve

Tenants and guests of Central Apartments! As you are probably aware, today is October 31st, All Hallows’ Eve (or Halloween to you portmanteau types)*. And TPTB decided to schedule the Giants victory parade today. While I took a bus into work to avoid the catastrophe of riding BART this morning (in 2012, the trains were like […]


While your not-so-humble Manager, like the Ghostbusters, ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and doesn’t spook easy, this event sounds like scads of joy. Unsurprisingly, tickets are selling fast, and there’s a dress code, but if I could I would definitely try to go to this, as it’s my cup of (b)oolong.

Fiesta on the Hill!

Tenants, looking to escape what’s sure to be a mobbed up scene near and around Central Apartments on Sunday? Why not head to Check out a ‘hood you may not have seen before, enjoy the arts, crafts and food vendors and celebrate the diversity of the City.

Journey to the End of Night For night owls who are not what they seem. This seems like it would be a lot of fun, if anyone plays, please let me know if you enjoyed the experience.

Upcoming Stud(io)! Rent Ready on or about All Hallows’ Eve!

Looking to live in a burgeoning SoMa neighborhood that is 3 blocks from the ballpark, across the street from beautiful South Park, a mere two blocks from Caltrain and a 15minute walk from the Powell/Montgomery BART stops, with oodles of MUNI lines, that’s close to major supermarkets, and is smack dab in the middle of […]