(Just the) May 2014 Maintenance Tip of the Month

Ever run a dryer and had your clothes come out damp? And it wasn’t because you put the dryer on the wrong setting? If so, remember, remove the lint from dryers before* you use them! Not only will it lead to improved drying, but removing lint prevents the slight possibility of a fire. This hasContinue reading “(Just the) May 2014 Maintenance Tip of the Month”

Upcoming Apartments!

After an all too brief respite with 100% occupancy (15 whole days!), we will once again have some vacant units here at Central Apartments. # 108 – Studio – $1,795/month – SecDep $1,250-$1,500 Current occupant moving out on May 31st, 2014. Long term tenancy, which means unit will be completely repainted and will contain newContinue reading “Upcoming Apartments!”